Frequently Asked Questions

"What do you mean by "Tailor Made Tours"?

The answer to this is simple- you get what you want, how you want and when you want. We follow a very simple concept where you get to make the selection of places, hotels, flexible timings according to your preference, your journey destination, and the convenient pace at which you want your journey to be planned. Along with that you get to choose whether you want to go on the offbeat track or the conventional journey.

Rest you leave it up to us to put the pieces together and provide you with an exceptional journey plan keeping your peace of mind intact. At the end of the day you will come home with a sense of accomplishment.

You can connect with the locals, feel and live like them, spend more time with your loved ones and discover a new side to them. We will provide you with a clear understanding of your tour including what to do and what not to do. And how you can enhance your experience."

What are the services that we offer?

We start with the designing of your tour, flights, hotels, coaches, Visa Consultation and processing. This is followed by taking care of your Overseas Medi-claim policy, the various activities that you will take part in, places of attraction, shows, guide booking to make your journey a memorable one. Apart from that we also provide assistance while you are touring, help you with the Forex, and International Sim Cards as we know how important it is to be in touch with everyone back home.
So at the end you are left with a package that takes care of everything and makes your life easy.

What to expect?

A journey that is smooth without any hassle, which gives you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the destination you are headed to.
And yes, our dealings are crystal clear leaving no place for doubt and we put in all our effort to give you an experience of a lifetime.