Our Definition of a Holiday

Welcome to the world of SAVANI Travel Hub Services.

What does an ideal holiday mean for us?

We do not believe that a holiday means packing ones bag and heading to a new destination. It holds an all new meaning for us. And this is the drive behind the services we offer to our clients. We are passionate in making each holiday an experience that will enrich our clients. It should be educative and informative, at the same time it should help in enhancing their personality and self esteem with this astonishing journey.

We believe in providing a flexible itinerary based on our client's likes and dislikes and give them a sense of utter freedom as they head to a new destination. Each holiday should be full of fun and excitement through the exploration of a new and diverse culture. Each destination you choose will be able to provide an experience like none before.

That for us is the true meaning of "Holidaying."

Our definition of holiday packages

Hand Picked Tour

You can choose from our list of tours and make a few changes if that suits you. We have designed these tours with all the components that make a holiday a fantastic and extraordinary one. And that’s not all you can enjoy services of our experts while you are browsing through the options for your holiday and even while you are touring.

Personalised Tour

This is for those of you who have already planned your destination and what you want to do there. We are here to assist you and manage your bookings, confirmations, travel plan synchronisation, confirmations, follow ups and payments to the service providers. We are more than happy to lend a hand not only for such tasks but we will also assist you while you are travelling. Our experts are very well trained and are very enthusiastic to join hands with you and make your holiday a wonderful experience.

Tailored Made Tour

We understand that you are unique and you have very unique choices when it comes to your holidays. We are quite excited about such unique choices of our customers and are here to make a very unique experience for your holiday. Each day of your holiday has a different experience be it a sightseeing tour in a riksha or on a horse drawn carriage and a drive in a convertible car or a Ferrari. We would work upon various ideas for your holiday and design to get that little extra which gives a memorable experience through your life.

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