Terms & Conditions

As you sign the Client Registration Form we assume that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions

• Scope We provide tour bookings, passport, railway, air ticket bookings and related services ("the Services") as per the T&C. For availing our Services you need to fill up Client Registration Form (the "Form") completely.

• Costs & Payments The cost details will be as provided in our Brochure or provided by our staff. In case of any changes in taxes, charges, government duties or any such expenses which are newly introduced/removed shall be applicable to you and accordingly the Service charges may vary accordingly. You will need to make full payment for the Services you are availing from us. If you do not pay fully for the Services, Savani Travel Hub retains right to cancel your Services.

• No Refund In case your Service is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, but Savani Travel Hub has already rendered the Service, then you shall be liable to pay complete charges. In whatsoever condition, Savani Travel Hub shall not be liable to refund the Service fees to you. In case you fail to utilize any service that you have booked for any reason, whether or not within your control, you shall not be entitled to claim any refund from Savani Travel Hub.

• Refund However, at its sole discretion, the Company gives the refund based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancellation policies of suppliers like hoteliers, coach operators, etc. the decision of the Company on the quantum of refund shall be final.
It would take at least 45 days to process the refund (if due).

• Tours & Bookings The Tour which you have booked will be conducted as it was mentioned in the itinerary provided to you. You understand and accept that Savani Travel Hub retains right to make changes in the tours as and when necessary. To avail our Services you need to make bookings first. For bookings you need to pay certain amount to us along with the Form.

Self Drive Vacations:

• A Client purchasing a self-drive holiday package shall be assisted by Savani Travel Hub in the hiring of the car and procurement of its insurance. However, the client should note the following carefully:
a. The client shall be solely responsible to ensure that all documentation including licenses, permits, insurance are complete and in order for the client to lawfully drive the hired vehicle in the concerned territory.

b. The client shall be solely responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the car hiring company providing the vehicle to the client;

c. The client shall be solely responsible for complying with all road and traffic related laws, rules and regulations applicable in the concerned territory.

d. The client should carefully read and understand the terms of the insurance which are made available to the client with the assistance of Savani Travel Hub and by signing on the insurance policy, the client unconditionally agrees to be bound by its terms to the insurance company. The client should carefully note that the contractual relationship in relation to the insurance coverage is entirely between the client and the insurance company and Savani Travel Hub is not at all concerned with this relationship. Client shall have no claim against Savani Travel Hub in relation to the insurance cover or the actions of the insurance company. In case of claims, client shall raise the claim directly on the insurance company though Savani Travel Hub will be available to render procedural advice and assistance.

e. The client shall be solely responsible for bearing all liabilities arising from or in relation to the hired vehicle in the course of its driving, use, handling, parking or otherwise, after the vehicle is handed over tothe client and till the time it is duly returned by the client. Such liabilities include (without limitation) claims of third parties and/or claims of the hiring company and the client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Savani Travel Hub from and against all such claims and liabilities. The client shall be free to invoke its insurance cover to the extent that it covers the liabilities by directly making a claim on the insurance company.

Critical Documentation
Passport - You are aware that you shall arrange for your passport availability and in any case Savani Travel Hub shall not be responsible for the availability of your passport. You understand that passport is an official document and you are responsible for its validity and safety. In case your passport is torn, damaged, lost in transit you will be solely responsible for the same.

Visa - If you have chosen to visit any foreign country or place outside India you need to have a valid VISA. Visa means a valid permission granted by the Government of that country without which you cannot visit/travel to that country. You need to apply for VISA and ensure that you have valid Visa before travelling.

In case you need any assistance, Savani Travel Hub may assist for obtaining Visa at applicable cost at that point of time. VISA procedures are different for different countries and their service centres, and may vary from time to time. You need to ascertain VISA procedure at the time of application of VISA and provide necessary supporting documentation. Savani Travel Hub cannot guarantee VISA as it is prerogative of the respective country's consulate. In case any additional documentation is to be presented and, Savani Travel Hub helps you for the same, additional charges will be applicable.

You are free to obtain the required Visa on your own or Savani Travel Hub may assist you if requested by you subject to payment of applicable professional fees. You are free: (i) to make a confirmed booking of tour with Savani Travel Hub before securing the Visa ("CONFIRMED BOOKING") or (ii) to make only a contingent/ provisional booking subject to confirmation after Visa is obtained ("PROVISIONAL BOOKING").

• Please note carefully the repercussions of Confirmed Booking and/or Provisional Booking:

• In case you choose CONFIRMED BOOKING, then Savani Travel Hub will be obliged to effect bookings for you immediately at the then existing rates. In this case, if your Visa is rejected or delayed, then this shall be deemed as cancellation of your tour, attracting full cancellation charges as per table set out herein.

• In case you choose PROVISIONAL BOOKING, then Savani Travel Hub will have no obligation to effect booking till approved Visa is obtained by you. Accordingly, you will be liable to pay the booking rates applicable on obtaining the approved Visa. In this case you will not be liable to cancellation charges if the Visa is rejected or delayed. However, you need to acknowledge that, you may be liable to pay higher booking rates or bookings may no longer be available, so you may have to change your departure date.

Insurance You are advised and recommended to acquire adequate Insurance Policy and Overseas Travel Insurance cover as per requirement of the Government of the Country concerned to meet expenses including medical, legal, hospitalization, accident etc. during the tour. Savani Travel Hub shall not be held liable / responsible for any reason whatsoever, for settlement of insurance claims and it is a matter solely between the concerned insurance company and you. Insurance companies do not insure luggage.

• Other Documents You may carry a valid photo identity proof with you during the tour at your own risk and responsibility.

Luggage -
You understand that safety and protection of your luggage, camera, money and any other valuable is your responsibility. Your luggage at the airport, during any air travel, in coaches, in any train journey, at immigration points etc, may be subject to verification and you shall be responsible for the same. In case you need any assistance to carry your Luggage, you have to pay additionally to concerned service provider.

At the time of booking the Services you are aware of the itinerary and you are medically fit for the Services. If you are unfit, for whatsoever reason you shall not take the tour. In case you need any special assistance, e.g. physically challenged traveller in you group, you need to specifically inform in advance to Savani Travel Hub. In case during your travel, you need any medical assistance, you will be liable to bear all such costs and expenses.

• You need to provide all your details pertaining to your health and we assume that the details provided by you are true and correct. Savani Travel Hub reserves right (without any obligation) to cancel your bookings with Savani Travel Hub on the basis of your health details provided by you.

• You understand and agree that Savani Travel Hub does not claim any expertise in medical or health matters. You are solely responsible to assess your health and medical condition and Savani Travel Hub recommends that you may consult your doctor for expert advice. You remain solely responsible for your medical fitness and health at all times and you shall not claim any compensation or take any action for any medial, health, fitness, problems that you may face or for whatsoever reason.

• Force Majeure
Savani Travel Hub shall not be responsible for any event such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, flood, wars, riots, civil outrages, terrorist attacks, Government guidance, notifications or any other situation and event beyond control of Savani Travel Hub or acts of god and resultant outcome of such events including cancellation, curtailment of your tours.

• Laws and Regulations
• You agree to abide by the all the laws and regulations of the place, country You visit or wish to visit, including but not limited to any restrictions on photography, video shooting.

• In case of failure in honoring such laws You shall be solely responsible for the consequences arising out of such behavior and Savani Travel Hub shall not be held responsible for the same.

• Governing Laws: Your tour, these T&C, our services are governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of India and you specifically agree and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

• Liability Limitation Savani Travel Hub is a tour facilitator and organizer of the tours which you book. Savani Travel Hub makes bookings with service providers including transport providers (airlines / surface transport), hotels, cruise ships etc. However, Savani Travel Hub does not in any manner own or control such service providers and does not in any manner guarantee their services. For all service denials, deficiencies, defects and other issues in relation to the services provided or not provided by service providers, Savani Travel Hub will not be liable. However, Savani Travel Hub will make reasonable efforts in connecting you to the concerned service providers and / or in making any alternative arrangements (at your cost which you may recover from the service providers).

• Miscellaneous -
• Disruption, delay, cancellation or change: Savani Travel Hub shall not be held liable for any disruption or delay or any cancellations pertaining to the Tour booked at Savani Travel Hub.
Cancellations Charges: If you decide to cancel the tour booking made at Savani Travel Hub, for any reasons, you may be liable to pay such additional cancellation charges if applicable, and Savani Travel Hub reserves right to deduct such Cancellation charges from refund that you may receive.

Duration Cancellation Charges per person
(inclusive of booking amount)
Clear 45 working days or more prior to the date of departure of the Tour Booking Amount Only
Clear 44 to 31 working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour. 15000
Clear 30 to 16 working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour 30000
Less than 15 to 07 clear working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour. 100% Tour Cost
Less than 02 days prior to departure date 100% Tour Cost
For tours with Cruise
Less than clear 80 — 50 working days (depending on the cancellation policy of the particular cruise liner) prior to the date of the departure of the tour for the Cruise portion
For Hotels
Less than clear 15 working days or depending on the cancellation policy of the particular hotel prior to the date of the departure of the tour for the hotel
For Air Fare on the tours:
We would levy cancellation charges as per the cancellation rule laid down by each individual airlines concerned on which the ticket is issued. Also a processing fee on each cancellation. Such airline cancellation charges and the processing fee depend on case to case basis and would be made available on request.
As per the cancellation charges applicable.

Please note the following:
1. Cancellation should be communicated in writing to Savani Travel Hub. Cancellation shall be deemed to be effected on the date on which the written intimation is received.

2. In case of non-payment or delay in payment of hole or part of tour cost, Savani Travel Hub may issue you a notice cancelling the tour and the cancellation charges shall be applicable with reference to the date of issue of such notice.

3. If Savani Travel Hub does not issue any notice cancelling the tour under clause 2 but you still fail to clear the full payment by the departure date, you may be disallowed from departing on the tour and You may be treated as a "no-show" or as a cancellation at the last moment, inviting the highest cancellation charges.

4. Cancellation charges shall apply for whatsoever reason you cancel booked tour including but not limited to reasons such as sudden illness, accident, failure to obtain VISA, failure to obtain VISA even after confirming the bookings, etc. But they shall not apply if you have done only a PROVISIONAL BOOKING and the visa is not approved. In case, Visa is granted and subsequently you have confirmed the PROVISIONAL BOOKING, any cancellation thereafter shall attract applicable cancellation charges.

5. You agree and accept that the cancellation charges are a reasonable and genuine pre-estimate of the damages that we will suffer on account of cancellation by you and they are applicable without requiring any proof.

Contact Details You can contact Savani Travel Hub for any assistance, information, request, clarification, grievance at the following address:
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Savani Travel Hub 4 Aditya, Paleshwar Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai.
Tel : 2618 5000 | Visit: www.savani.travel