We went to New Zealand and Bora Bora for 18 days. It was truly an awesome experience. We had the most wonderful time swimming with sharks and stingrays, skydiving from 12,000 ft, dining at peaks with the best scenic views one has ever witnessed, driving through the scenic New Zealand, cruising through the amazing water of Bora Bora, to seeing the house of Bilbo and Frodo at Hobbiton. We couldn’t have asked for more. Savani Travel Hub did an absolutely fantastic job with the planning of the entire trip at an affordable cost. They helped us in every way possible to make our Honeymoon very special. We would recommend everyone who is looking for a relaxed/adventurous holiday or honeymoon to contact Savani Travel Hub as they will plan one which you will never forget.
- Ishan Pandey

We visited UK & Europe for 26 days. We had a magical trip right from Frankfurt to Baden Baden, Freiburg, Salsburg, Vienna till Prague and then London at Last. Though ours was a handcrafted tour but it was so excellently organized, well planned and very comfortable that we never had any issues at during the trip.
When I think of Savani Travel Hub and what makes the company so special, there are three points that stands out -

  • This trip was specially handcrafted for us and as we were travelling with kids, we wanted it very comfortable, luxurious and Kids friendly. They met our expectations, be it the hotels, their locations, or the day to day activities.
  • The flexibility and capabilities to make activity changes without problem as we went along our trip was such a bonus. We had them with us at all times to be our travel specialists not only in the planning stages but also throughout our trip!
  • Every detail was covered so we could relax and enjoy. We knew that if we were scheduled to be picked up, someone would be there. It allowed us to travel throughout carefree.
Savani Travel Hub does such a wonderful job with details, we enjoyed every moment. I will always recommend this company highly!
- Bhavin Doshi

The trip to USA was a power-package of scenic attractions, amazing beaches, reliable helpdesks, beautiful hotels and excellent driving experience. I enjoyed it to the fullest. It was an experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. I was extremely nervous about driving in USA but I can’t tell you enough how helpful Savani Travel Hub were, the team back home and the team in USA were brilliant. The staff was concerned for our safety and took good care of us. I would definitely recommend them 10/10 great value for money and we had the time of our life.
- Sunil Rai

We visited Germany for 9 days. We had the best of the times during our holidays; we will never forget this wonderful experience. In these 9 days we went thru all types of feelings one could think of, all of them being happy and excited. We always believe that the suggestions given by Samir Savani will be the best and worth the value of the money paid and the follow up by his team in our case Deepti is also appreciable. You need to believe in Samir and his Team, to have the best time during your holidays. Your best of the best holidays are there with Savani Travel Hub. Just experience once and it will become a habit.
- Jigar Mehta

We visited Thailand & Singapore for 12 days. Our family really bonded over the tour as we were all siblings travelling together without our parents. Had a great and rocking experience each day!! Savani Travel Hub made it very special and gave us an experience that was confidence boosting. They truly are great vacation planners.
- Brijal Parekh

We visited Himachal for 7 days. The trip was really good with all the planning done by Savani Travel Hub. Also the attractions suggested by them were very amazing. I recommend Savani Travel Hub to everyone who loves travelling as they gave me a fantastic experience.
- Albin Thomas

We went to Malaysia for 8 days. And had a wonderful time at Langkawi & Genting highlands, the experience at Genting that the children had was very nice. Langkawi Batu Caves & Eagle feeding was awesome. My experience with Savani Travel Hub was great and joyful. They do a commendable job with good planning and tour assistance.
- Sadashiv Raikar